Saturday, August 28


McDonald's Simulator

If ur really me...this site will keep u occupied for about....10 min at most, its sumthin to do tho!!!

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:::How 2 Keep An Idiot Busy:::

How To Keep An Idiot Busy...

LOL ur gonna laugh!!

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I so don't want school to start....i have like 4 days of summer left, and its hard to get up at 8:30, how am i supposed to get up around 6?? lol i'll be falling asleep in class....zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz....huh? o sry, took a cat nap there. There was something i wanted to post on here....i forgot what it was tho....wait i remember...u'll just have to wait to see what it is....isn't the suspense just killing you? lol prolly not but o well...yawn!!!!! well im gonna go get me some coffee...its the only thing keeping me from falling asleep on top of the keyboard. TTYL LYL

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Thursday, August 26

:::Bored 2:::

Bored 2

474 Things to do when you're bored!!

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:::Things To Do When You're Bored:::


>>A list of things to do when you're bored!! lol some are pretty funny!!<< ~~{~@ kat @~}~~

:::Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?:::

Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?

So i need psychological help? huh?

:::What Kind Of Soul Do You Posses?:::

You have a twisted soul! Twisted Souls are never
bad, and actually, are a rarity amongst souls.
These souls are a little combination of
everything, with always a little of their own
chaos to add. Twisted Souls are kind, loving,
weird, zany, temperamental, and very talented.
They have their own firm opinion, and can at
one time be very outspoken and passionate, and
the other time shy and feeling insignificant.
Twisted Souls have good senses of Humor and
other times can be a bore. You can act quite
intelligent at one time, and grasp concepts
easily, while other times they can find it
difficult to understand. Twisted Souls are
always very fun and Kind, and can be party
animals. But, if you love someone, youre
serious about it, intense, and forever loyal.
Congratulations-the world should have more like

What Kind Of Soul Do You Posses?


:::What Swear Word Are You?:::

You're 'Fuck'

What Swear Word Are You??


:::What Sign Of Affection Are You?:::

cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You??

Awww Soooo Sweet....Now all i need is a bf....

:::My Inner Child:::

My inner child is sixteen years old today

My inner child is sixteen years old!

Life's not fair! It's never been fair, but while
adults might just accept that, I know
something's gotta change. And it's gonna
change, just as soon as I become an adult and
get some power of my own.

How Old Is My Inner Child?

LOL!!! My Inner Child Is Older Than I Am!!!!

:::Last Dance:::

The last dance sucked!! There were two bands....the second one was better than the first...Nikki liked the second one cuz they played some Metallica. I was so bored....Sena left before the bands started bcuz she said she "doesnt like that rock shit" and Nikki were like "shit?", we love rock!! So then i had to spend the whole dance with Nikki and Josh, they're my two best friends but i can't stand watching them makeout. I need to get a boyfriend so they can watch me makeout!!! now im eating pizza and waiting for sum1 to talk to me...o i'm listening to musik too...eminem right brother is getting pissy because i unplugged the internet now i have internet and he doesnt - hahaha :-)

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Wednesday, August 25


Sumthin is wrong with my blog....the whole side...the profile all the way at the bottom makin the page longer than it should be....o well....maybe it'll be back to normal in a few days...who knows...

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***Update*** - I switched templates so that my profile is now on the left side and its not all the way at the bottom anymore!!! yea for me!!! lol

:::Who Is My Celebrity Boyfriend??:::

Johnny Depp

You like the kinky, smoker, but oh so seductive JOHNNY DEPP! I guarantee you do things behind closed doors that would frighten some people, but good for you! He is so damn hott!

Absolutely fine with me!! ;-) lol

Who Is My Celebrity Boyfriend? (Sry guys this is only for chix)

:::What Illegal Action Am I?:::

What illegal action am I?

You Are Use Of Illegal Drugs

Ummm i dont think so.....


I'm really really bored right thats y im taking a bunch of quizzes on Quizilla....just if you're wondering y there are so many quiz results on here....

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These quizzes are brought to you courtesy of Kt....her webpage gave me the idea to put my results on here

:::Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?:::

:::What Kind of Alcoholic Drink Are You??:::


Which Alcoholic Drink Are You??

Hmmm...idk...a cocktail...sounds about right dont ya think??

Tuesday, August 24


Funny Pix
Some of these pix are really funny and others are decide...

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Great Site for lyrics!! i was just lookin up Counting Crows lyrics...much better than

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:::Bored Bored Bored:::

I am sooooo bored!!! Let's see what have i done today....i woke up around hmmm 11:30, took a shower, went to get my new schedule which totally sux!!! Then i came home, called nikki, called sena, and then watched tv up til now.... what a boring day. My new schedule sux, i had to get it changed bcuz i didnt want to take art for another year, there is only so much u can take of mrs. pfeiffer and a year is too much. So i had it switched from art to spanish, and they messed up my whole schedule!! now i have 5a lunch instead of 5c and my two best friends have 5c...I still have chem comm with josh and sena tho...that'll be a fun class. Well hmm there is nuthin more to really talk about....oh! i'm gonna have sum fun on friday sept 3rd, but im not gonna say why....u'll just have to wonder. ttyl lyl

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:::8th Grade::: his boxers...don't ask....
"If ur cool you won't wear pants..."-DaltonPosted by Hello

Monday, August 23


I just found out that my....well he used to be my cousin but now hes not because my uncle got divorced...but well hes going out with one of my best friends...who will remain nameless because i dont think she wants me talkin about her on here. Its so weird, i havent seen him in like 4 or 5 years...they were just at my house for an hour and a half. Well i would say more but i dont know who will all see this post so im gonna keep my mouth closed.
Something is so wrong with my internet - it took me an hour to get it to if im not online for a few days or something that would be why....hmmm what else to talk about....well u have nuthin else to talk just sittin here eating sun chips...yum yum...the ones in the green bag...well im gonna go for now...ttyl lyl

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:::First Post:::

Hey!! ok i think i finally figured out how to use took me a lil bit to load the picture on my profile but i got it!! So this is my blog...kind of like an online journal...well hmmm....what should i tell you all? Most of you lookin at this are probably ppl that already know me and clicked the link on my webpage. So I don't know exactly how this blog thing i'm gonna figure it all out soon enough. G2G ttyl lyl

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